AMA Samy

Sesshin with Ama Samy

5-10 augusti 2019

AMA SAMY, Gen-un-Ken-Roshi, is a Jesuit priest, born in Burma and raised in India. He initiated the zen of Enomiya Lasalle and then became a student of Yamada Koun Roshi, Japan, which in 1982 gave him a teaching assignment with the dharma name Gen-un-Ken.

Ama Samy has a meditationscenter- Bodhi Zendo - situated among high mountains in South India ( Where he satys during the winter months. Other parts of the year, he gives sesshins in Europe.

AMA Samys teaching is characterized by an uncompromising questioning and a creative movement of thought. This he also expresses in his writing. "Zen Transmission to the West" is perhaps the most famous in Sweden of his books.

The schedule during sesshin consists of about six hours of daily meditation, working meditation in the household or outdoor, lectures and individual conversations with the sesshinleader as well as time for exercise and rest. During sesshin there is generally strict silence.

Instructor: Ama Samy
Language: English
Course Fee: 5350kr - the full amount should be paid by June 15
Single room supplement: 750kr
Course Organizer: Bo Dahlin, tel 070-634 63 42, 

Application deadline: 2019-07-12, if subject to availability we happily accept later notification.

For more information, contact the course organizer.


Contact the course organizer ​​and deposit fee of SEK 1,000 Svenska Bodhizendoföreningens  bankgiro 5245-9724. Do not forget to enter your name and which course you apply for. The remaining course fee is paid at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

"The more faithfully you listen inwardly, the better you shall hear what sounds around you. And only he who hears can speak."  

Dag Hammarskjöld







August 5-10


with Ama Samy


















August 5-10


with Ama Samy