Sometimes you need to stop and reflect upon life, sometimes you need new energy and inspiration. Then it is valuble to be able to retire in quietness and privacy, to recover and get in touch with their inner and what is greater than oneself.

It can also be valuable to be inspired by others, thoughts and insights, to discuss, reflect and share experiences or self-exercise any form of creative expression.

Most retreats is completely silent, which is carried by the retreatprogramstructure containing meditations, meals, relaxation or any kind of movement such as yoga, Qi Gong, meditative dances or walks. Often also included a moment of guidance, when the retreat leader makes a reflection or reads an enriched text.

The possibility of a private conversation with the retreat leader is always there.

The Orangerie is the heart of Frötuna.
To the Orangerie you can retire for stillness, meditation and prayer. Every morning, a half hour before breakfast, we have meditation. Many times we end the day at the Orangerie before we go into the night's rest. At the retreats the Orangerie is a regular place to visit during the day. We sit on chairs or meditation stools. No experience is necessary.

What does the word retreat mean?
Retreat means to retire. Traditionally, this is done in stillness and silence. On Frötuna we use the word retreat in the sense of retire for reflection and contemplation. Sometimes we have silence, sometimes we have conversations, totally dependent on the context. The intention is that the retreat is to result in harmony and development.

The experience of retreat
What happens during a retreat vary from occasion to occasion, from person to person. One time it may be sadness and pain that comes to the surface, at another time it can be about receiving, leting yourself be filled with gratitude, joy and consolation. Or maybe the key is to get a distance to something in life, or to make a decision you need to make. Sometimes you can feel a calm radiant joy, almost cheers from your innermost, sometimes nothing happens at all. Often you go through more of these phases during retreat. Whatever happens, gratefully accept what you go through! All experiences are valuable for what they are. There is always the opportunity to book an appointment with the retreat leader for private conversations.

Hiking Retreat - to go to oneself
One of our favorites. After dinner the first evening and a little conversation we meditate in the Orangerie before we go into silence. During meals, we listen to classical music. In the morning we bring a small picnic and allow us to walk for about three hours. At home again we light a fire, enjoying the view, and perhaps participate in a relaxation exercise in the auditorium. The last day we break the silence after lunch. For those who wish, we will gather again for a conclusion. It might be good to remember that you do not need to share your experiences. Rather preserve the experience in your heart. Often marvel at the community created, thanks to the silence and wordless communication!


For yoga and meditation we have yogamats, blankets, belts and bricks. Meditation cushions and benches.


altanutsikt sybille

"The more faithfully you listen inwardly, the better you shall hear what sounds around you. And only he who hears can speak."  

Dag Hammarskjöld







August 5-10


with Ama Samy


















August 5-10


with Ama Samy